Engelsrufer or Bolas

Jewelry with sound balls - as angel Ruferangel Rufer Engelsrufer or pregnancy bolas are small sound balls that can be worn as gently ringing jewellery. Read more ... small sound balls are called, which are called Jewelry can wear and which emit a soft ringing sound when moved accordingly. What is the significance of the tinkling necklaces? They should summon the personal guardian angel and unfold a protective, loving, lucky or even comforting effect for the wearer.

These "Harmony Bells" or "Harmony Balls" usually have a spherical shape. With some necklace pendants, they are interchangeable, so that you can always choose a different color - be it to match your clothes, be it that you might have a specific color ChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ... want to emphasize or maybe just a gut feeling.

The tradition of carrying such small gongs directly on the baby's stomach during pregnancy comes from Mexico. Therefore, they are also known as "Mexican bola", "pregnancy bola" or "pregnancy chain". The soft tones are said to have relaxing effects for mother and child, because unborn babies can actually perceive external sounds at a very early stage. In nervous situations, the mothers like to massage the stomach a little with the sound ball in order to soothe themselves and the child in a pleasant way.

If used regularly, the ball has this wonderful effect later on on the baby that is born.