Orgonite jewelry

Orgonites are artistic, handcrafted objects made of synthetic resin, metals and precious stones, which are said to be able to increase the life force in their environment.

These objects are inspired by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and his theory of orgone, which, however, never gained a foothold scientifically, while Reich is still valued today as one of the most important historical psychologists (keyword character analysis).

For Wilhelm Reich the orgone was a universal energy that could have strong effects on the body and the psyche. In his research he finally developed orgone therapy with the help of the "orgone accumulator" from the approaches of vegetotherapy, some of which are still established today.
Reich found that carbon-based organic materials (wood, rubber, cotton, etc.) can attract and slowly radiate orgone geria, while metals reflect them back directly. A combination of these organic materials and metal should therefore - to put it simply - accumulate orgone and be able to heal people.

Interestingly enough, orgone research was not only rejected by science, which is not surprising - but in 1955 a court in the USA ordered a ban on the use of orgone accumulators and the instruction to destroy the devices and all books on the subject. All of Wilhelm Reich's books in which orgone appeared were ultimately burned under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (sic!)
For Reich, the judgment was a scientific and personal disaster. He tried unsuccessfully to save equipment, but was sentenced to two years in prison for disobeying the court - where he eventually died. A tragic end for an undoubtedly brilliant researcher.

An in-depth leading article on Wilhelm Reich, including a listing of the books burned, can be found at the Website of the Wilhelm Reich Museum.

The orgonites are a modification of Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulator in some very artistic objects up to small pieces of jewellery. The Idea and the Term”OrgoniteOrgonite Orgonites are artistic, handcrafted objects made of synthetic resin, metals and precious stones, which are said to be able to increase the life force in their environment. Read more ...”Were introduced by Karl Welz and further developed by Don Croft in the 90s. Since then there are the artistic ones that are considered particularly powerful Orgonite pyramids with the gems.

To make an orgonite, precious stones are cast in resin together with metal parts. Mostly epoxy resin is used, but polyester resin is also possible. These synthetic resins are organic compounds that contain carbon, so that the interaction organic (resin) - inorganic (metal, stones) is given.

The inserted gemstones should support the harmonizing process with their crystal power and also steer them in a certain direction. Various vibrations and healing effects have always been attributed to the various stones. It is not uncommon to find lesser-known colorful minerals in orgonites, which are not real gemstones due to their lack of hardness. For example Howlite or apatite. These no less pretty stones are usually too soft to be used as open gems - but protected by the synthetic resin of the orgonites, they can present themselves wonderfully.

Orgonites are used so that they absorb negative life energies and rearrange or harmonize them inside - in order to radiate them again as positive energies. They should energetically upgrade the environment and bring about healing on a physical and psychological level in all living beings.

Negative energies can, for example, radiate from WiFi routers, but they can also be present in the room due to a poor interpersonal atmosphere.

As a rule, larger objects are assigned a greater effect. Jewelry is an exception here, however, because it is usually worn close to the body for many hours a day, if not even with physical contact.

Regardless of these harmonizing effects, the fusion of metal objects with colored gemstones in the transparent resin can create visually extremely interesting and mystical-looking structures in all shapes!

For example copperSpiralsSpiral The spiral is one of the oldest known symbols of life itself. Read more ... with colored gemstone balls in a pyramid? Or an embedded gem tree? Objects that are surprisingly pretty to look at both as home and jewelry accessories - let yourself be fond of here in the shop inspire