themed worlds

Find your theme jewelry made of 925 sterling silver here - in the right style and for the right occasion:

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Vintage unicorn in heart, for girls and women | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Colorful enameled heart balloon with dream house | 925 Silver Dangle Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer
With enamel
Koala earrings, half hoop earrings with freely swinging gold bears | 925 silver ear studs brand: Lotus Fun
Partly gold-plated
Playful tree of life on shimmering mother-of-pearl | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Rose with red zirconia, romantic vintage pearl | 925 beads
Heart and Infinity, Necklace for Eternal Love | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Eternal love
Gold-plated mother and child in a silver zirconia heart | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
mother's love
Blue Horseshoe, Lucky Charm Necklace! | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
lucky charm
Open silver ring with a raccoon! Enamelled animal motif | 925 silver rings brand: Bamoer
animal jewelry
Dog and Cat for Animal Lovers, Pet Necklace | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Black enameled wolf in tribal or viking style | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
power animals
Yggdrasil, Tree of Life in Rune Circle (Futhark), with Necklace | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Eudora 925 Sterling Sillver Retro Punk Half Face Skull Necklace Pendant Heart Men's Gothic Skull Pendant Fashion Jewelry Gift Gemstone Color: 24 inch rope
Bikers & Gothic
Silver Engelsrufer with dragon baby, pregnancy bola | Chime Necklace fd6c4dfc667142f52ab5f5: 30inch chain|45inch chain|45inch rope|only pendant
EUDORA 925 Sterling Silver Pentagram Necklace for Women Man Amulet 7 Color Chakra Guardian Star Tetragrammaton Necklace Pendant Jewelry Gemstone Color: with 24inch rope
Mystic & Occult
Rainbow Chakra Necklace from a Gemstone Moon | Natural stone pendant brand: Ayliss
ChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ... Jewelry
Open vintage lion ring, a lion for women and men | 925 silver rings brand: Eudora
mens jewellery
Orange Enameled Ladybug Stud Earrings for Girls | 925 silver earrings brand: GW Jewelry
For children
Asymmetrical ear studs with zirconia flowers and ear clamp | 925 silver earrings brand: Bamoer
Intertwined couple rings, mourning jewelry with black crystal | 925 silver necklace brand: Bamoer
Red Ladybug on White Blossom, Daisy Luck | 925 Silver Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer
Summer! Hoop earrings with golden sunflower and zirconia | 925 silver earrings brand: Bamoer
Autumn Leaf, Maple Leaf in Rust Red Fall Color | 925 silver necklace, Charm brand: Bamoer
Red Enamel Snowman Charm with Bird | 925 Silver Dangle Beads brand: GW Jewelry