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20mm Chime Ball - Silver Plated Angel Pendant with Colored Bola, Necklace 76cm | Engelsrufer

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925 silver plated cage pendant with angel and colored Sound ball.

A spherical chime pendant that literally goes by the name of “angel Ruferangel Rufer Engelsrufer or pregnancy bolas are small sound balls that can be worn as gently ringing jewellery. Read more ...” can be denoted. The ball comes from a lovingly designed angel that holds the ball inside with its large wings. A matching necklace is already included.

The ball cage can be opened at the side and loaded with balls of different colors. You can choose a sound ball in the color of your choice for delivery.

Alternatively, we can also supply the pretty chain pendant with matching felt balls that are suitable for aromatherapy. Of course, the angel can also carry lava balls or gems of a suitable size.

info: Chains with sound balls are also known as "Harmony Bells". Inside is a bell. If the chain pendant is shaken or otherwise moved more vigorously, a gentle ringing tone will be heard, which has a relaxing and calming effect. With us they are called “angel Rufer” and should help to summon your personal guardian angel. In Mexico, women traditionally wear such chimes or maternity bolas directly over the baby bump to soothe the child.

The variant with the colorful felt balls, on the other hand, is ideal for aroma therapy. Put a few drops of an essential oil on the ball and it will re-emit the scent in subtle tones for a few days.

  • Brand jewelry EUDORA ♥ Great design, always comes in good quality.
  • Engelsrufer made of 925 silver-plated copper, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, hypoallergenic, mirror-polished.
  • Diameter of the matching ball approx. 20mm, the pendant itself is a little larger.
  • The silver plated necklace is approx. 76cm long. Type: Link Chain
  • Color of the sound ball of your choice.
  • Alternatively with felt balls.
  • The pregnancy necklace comes with a jewelry box. Perfect as a gift!


・ Special feature



・ Cage jewelry size




・ Special packaging

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