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Akashic Records! Wiccan Moon Pentagram, 4 Elements Necklace | 925 silver chain pendant

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Spiritual MoonMoon The moon stands for the feminine, the night and for rhythmic change. Read more ...-PentagramPentagram The pentagram, also known as the pentagram, pentalpha or five-pointed star, is an ancient symbol of sacred geometry. Read more ... in 925 vintage silver.

A dreamlike chain pendant with deep esoteric-occult symbolism. The round necklace has a pentagram at its center that rests on an ornate moon. A small Celtic one rotates in the center triskeletriskele The divine triskele arises from a triple spiral. Read more ....

The points of the five-pointed star are marked in the outer ring by the elements - accompanied by their designations: AER (air), IGNIS (fire), AQUA (water), TERRA (earth) and AKASHA (spirit).

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Fine design down to the last detail! The slightly plastic motif is partly hammered and darkly oxidized in the background. This "vintage silver look" makes the piece of jewelery look almost like a real antique amulet.

The spiritual moon pentagram is suitable for both men and women. On request, we can deliver the talisman with a delicate silver chain or a black waxed leather strap.

Info: An interesting motif that combines what is probably the most powerful occult symbol - the pentagram - with other spiritual motifs. The moon with the branches is reminiscent of the great moon goddesses with their magical, nature-loving creativity, as we still find them in Wiccan witchcraft today. The triskele also refers to neo-pagan natural religions (neopaganism).
The four elements describe our physical world. The mysterious fifth element can be found primarily in Asian teachings, in yoga, but also in Greek philosophy. In Buddhism it is “emptiness” and in ancient times very similar to “ether” or “spirit”. In his knowledge lies the true understanding of all being. Indeed, without that intangible, there could ever be anything tangible.
Thus, the "Akasha Chronicle" is usually understood as a kind of "world memory" that knows everything that ever was, could ever be and ever will be (= not tangible and yet containing everything). The term was coined by the theosophist CW Leadbeater (1899-1847) in his 1934 paper Clairvoyance.

The pretty piece of jewelery with its diverse esoteric-occult allusions also goes very well with the Gothic style.

  • Brand occult silver jewelry EUDORA ♥ Great designs, always comes in good quality.
  • Moon pentagram pendant made of 100% Sterling Silver (925), Nickel free, Lead free, Cadmium free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Highly polished, hammered and oxidized (“vintage silver”).
  • Dimensions approx. 26,1 x 35,3mm (height with suspension).
  • Weight approx 5,4g.
  • With a necklace on request.
    – 925 silver chain (1,0mm), approx. 45 or 50cm long.
    – Or with a black wax leather strap, approx. 60cm long.
  • Delivery with jewelry box. Perfect for giving away!

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