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Yin Yang! Harmonie Engelsrufer or pregnancy bola | sound ball necklace

27,67 - 29,06

Delivery time 10-18 days

Chain pendants onlyWith necklace 76cmWith necklace 114cmWith leather strap 114cm

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Silver-Black Yin-Yang angel Ruferangel Rufer Engelsrufer or pregnancy bolas are small sound balls that can be worn as gently ringing jewellery. Read more ... with necklace.

A pretty Yin-Yang Engelsrufer made of 925 silver-plated copper. The tinkling ball designed as a chinese yin yang symbol in 3D. One half comes in gloss black enamel - while the other is adorned with a subtle silver dot pattern.

On request we can deliver the round bola with a necklace or a black waxed leather strap. Depending on the length chosen, the small bell can be worn as a slightly longer necklace or as pregnancy jewelry.

With the extra-long version, the Yin Yang ball swings as a baby bola directly on the pregnant belly. ♡

Info: Inside the sphere is a bell. If the chain pendant is shaken or otherwise moved more vigorously, a soft ringing tone will be heard, which has a relaxing effect. Such “Harmony Bell” necklaces are often referred to as “spiritual”angel Rufer” used for the personal guardian angel. – The tradition of wearing the bolas directly on the baby's stomach as a pregnancy necklace to calm the child with love comes from Mexico and Indonesia. A nice gift idea for expectant mothers!

Suggestion: Who doesn't know that Yin-yang symbol, which shows us that all opposites are mutually dependent? The duality of our world! Without the shadow we could never experience the light - and vice versa. Thus each extreme already bears within itself the birth of its opposite. No fear, no love. Without a “you” – no “I”. So the Yin Yang is also a very beautiful symbol for two people who belong together. The art of living lies in balancing and keeping both.

  • Brand Yin Yang Bola EUDORA ♥ Loving design, always comes in good quality.
  • Soundball made of 925 silver-plated copper, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, hypoallergenic.
  • Highly polished and black enamelled.
  • Diameter approx. 20mm.
  • With a necklace on request.
    – 925 silver-plated link chain, approx. 76 or 114cm long.
    – Black waxed leather strap, approx. 114cm.
  • Supplied in a jewelry box. Perfect for gifting!



・Enamel color





・ Jewelry process

・ Special packaging

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