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Egyptian Ankh Cross with Scarab, Sun, Horus Eye, Pyramid | 925 silver chain pendant

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Egyptian ankh necklace pendant with scarab, 925 silver.

Symbol jewelry for Egypt friends! The silver chain pendant comes in the form of the ancient Egyptian handle cross - ankh - and is decorated with other symbols. A pyramid is inserted into the base, a winged scarab hovers above it at the cross point and at the top lies Hathor's sun disc (in the typical cow horns) with Horus EyeEye Eyes are considered the "window to the soul" and are always an eye-catcher as jewelry! Read more ....

Fine, slightly sculptural design with a pretty antique finish called “vintage silver”! ♡

The pendant can be delivered on request with a delicate silver chain or a black waxed leather strap. The Egyptian necklace is particularly suitable for men, but can also be worn by women.

Info: The ancient Egyptian culture with its pictorial writing has always radiated something mystical for us. The anchor UpwindUpwind The cross is the central symbol of faith in Christianity. Read more ... (Anch) is symbol and hieroglyph at the same time. It is usually interpreted as a symbol of life and therefore also bears the name "life loop". The Henkelkreuz can be found as a relief in the old temple walls or as an object in our museums. A powerful one KeyKey The key is considered a custodian, token of love and lucky charm. Read more ... – be it to the realm of the dead or to eternal life.
The same applies to the pyramid, which is both a tomb and a place of passage for the pharaoh. The winged scarab is not only a lucky beetle, but also a symbol of rebirth with a close connection to SunSun The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading.... Also the mother-goddessgoddess The mother goddess, "great mother" or fertility goddess creates and protects life. Read more ... Hathor is closely associated with the sun god (Re), as she carries his disc between her horns. Magical powers are attributed to the falcon eye of Horus. It is often worn as a strong protective amulet.

Special necklace for lovers of ancient Egyptian culture with its mysterious symbols. At the same time a chic protective amulet and symbol for light and life!

  • Ancient Egyptian silver jewelry from the brand EUDORA ♥ Great designs, always comes in good quality.
  • Ankh Pendant made of 100% Sterling Silver (925), Nickel Free, Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Hypoallergenic.
  • Highly polished and oxidized (“vintage silver”).
  • Dimensions approx. 25,4 x 40,6mm (height with suspension).
  • With a necklace on request.
    – 925 silver chain (1,1mm), approx. 45 or 50cm long.
    – Or with a black wax leather strap, approx. 60cm long.
  • Weight approx 3,68g.
  • Delivery with jewelry box. Perfect for giving away!

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  1. c***c -

    Nice. Has its corresponding mark s925. It's just a little smaller than it seems in the description.

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