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Vintage Moon Dragon, Sun and Moon in Dragon, Astrology | 925 silver chain pendant

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DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ...-SnakeSnake Snakes represent femininity. They are fascinating and not harmless. Read more ... reported SonneSonne The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading... and MoonMoon The moon stands for the feminine, the night and for rhythmic change. Read more ..., 925 vintage silver.

An unusual mythological-astronomical pendant with the celestial dragon between the sun and the moon. The solid round chain pendant is oxidized in relief and looks almost antique. The sky motif with the kite is slightly three-dimensional on a fine grid pattern.

The piece of jewelry features an allegorical representation of the lunar nodes or "kite points".

Like a yin yang symbol, the living dragon snake winds around the sun and moon. The mythical creature has a dragon head at each end and a fine scale pattern on the body with a strong dorsal crest. The bright sun burns with fiery rays, while the moon with its clear light is accompanied by a small host of stars - and with its claws the mighty being holds both in place.

Simply stunning design with loving details!

On request, we can deliver the dragon pendant with a fine 925 silver chain or a black waxed leather strap. The chain pendant is suitable for women and men's jewelry.

Info: The Dragon as a power animal is always a symbol of strength and wisdom. But such a powerful being always has a connection to darkness. It was believed in different cultures DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ... could swallow the moon and the sun. The astronomical lunar node are therefore also referred to as "dragon points". These are the intersections of the moon's orbit with the ecliptic. If the moon crosses these "dragon points" as a new moon or full moon - a lunar or solar eclipse always occurs. The points are also known as "Dragon's Head" and "Dragon's Tail" - while the two most distant regions of the lunar orbit from the ecliptic call "Dragon's Belly."
Of course they play lunar node also plays a special role in astrology. They can say something about a person's purpose in life and mark important turning points in life. One lunar node is often assigned to the unconscious, the other to the conscious.

  • Mythological dragon jewelry from the brand EUDORA ♥ Loving design, always comes in good quality.
  • Pendant made of 100% sterling silver (925), nickel free, lead free, cadmium free, hypoallergenic.
  • Highly polished and oxidized (“vintage silver”).
  • Dimensions approx. 25 x 34mm (height with suspension).
  • Weight approx 5,44g.
  • With a necklace on request.
    – 925 silver chain (1,1mm), approx. 45 or 50cm.
    – Black wax leather strap, approx. 60cm long.
  • Delivery with jewelry box. Perfect for giving away!





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2 Reviews
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  1. Customer -

    Good details. Very original motif. Yin-Yang theme in an unusual design. Clothing can sometimes get a little in the mane or den DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ...- Horns caught. The silver hallmark is at the bottom on the back. Very nice.

  2. J *** has -

    The pendant looks fantastic! Love it ❤️

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