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Green Tibetan Mala made of 108 faceted Aventurine beads, 8mm | Gemstone prayer beads


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Buddhist mala made of faceted aventurine beads.

A fine Tibetan mala necklace made of small faceted Aventurine beads. With a long dark green fabric tassel and a slightly larger clear quartz ball as a guru bead.

The mala in the soft shade of green is carefully knotted onto a white cord. There is a small knot between each ball for easy counting of the ball chain. – The prayer beads are equally suitable for women and men.

Suggestion: The Aventurine Many positive and harmonizing properties are attributed as a healing stone. Its green color connects it with the HeartHeart The heart carries love and it says who we are. Read more ...-ChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ....

info: The Tibetan "mala chain" with its 108 balls is the prayer chain of Hinduism and Buddhism. A meditation aid similar to the Rosary in Christianity or the Tasbih in Islam. Often the malas are made of high quality gemstones or seeds and have a small pendant (guru bead) so that you can tell when a round is over.
The 108 balls are composed of 4×27 beads. In meditation, it is necessary to transform the 27 passions into 27 mental qualities and to overcome 27 defilements of the heart in order to attain 27 qualities. More on this here .

  • YMORL Brand Tibetan Mala ♥ Specializing in wellness jewelry made from natural stones.
  • Prayer beads made of faceted aventurine beads, individually knotted.
  • Diameter of the oval gemstone balls approx. 5x8mm.
  • With a 10mm quartz ball as a guru bead.
  • Length of the green fabric tassel approx. 8cm.
  • Circumference of the necklace approx. 73cm.
  • Note: Handmade jewelry made of natural stones. Slight deviations from the photos are possible.





・Prayer beads diameter

・Prayer beads length

・Prayer Beads Material

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