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Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Tree on Aventurine, 6cm Orgone Pyramid | orgonite


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Orgone pyramid with a blue tree in a pastel green field.

A blue lapis lazuli tree in a OrgoniteOrgonite Orgonites are artistic, handcrafted objects made of synthetic resin, metals and precious stones, which are said to be able to increase the life force in their environment. Read more ... Poured pyramid. The little gemstone tree is almost magical - blue leaves don't even appear in the brightest autumn colours.

The tree stands on a trunk made of twisted copper wire, with some gold and glitter dust at the base. The base of the pyramid is filled with a field of pale green tumbled aventurine stones.

The unusual scene literally presents itself as a dream image.

Suggestion: Pale green aventurine is associated with harmony, rest and relaxation because of its colour. We also associate the green with that HeartHeart The heart carries love and it says who we are. Read more ...-ChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more .... The dark blue lapis lazuli, on the other hand, is often considered the king's stone. It was already given to the Egyptian pharaohs as a burial gift. Its color and name connect it to the sky (Arabic azul). The copper in the tree trunk is said to be able to enhance the healing effects of the orgonite.

info: Our Orgonite-Pyramids are made by hand and are therefore always small and unique. Its combination of transparent synthetic resin with precious stones and metals is said to harmonize the life energies and have healing effects.

  • Approx. 6 x 6 x 6cm.
  • Weight approx. 130-200g.
  • Made of natural stones and handcrafted - each of the wonderful orgonite pyramids is unique!




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