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Cross with Dragon or Snake and Skull, Gothic Necklace | 925 vintage silver chain pendant

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Chain pendants onlyWith necklace 45cmWith necklace 50cmWith leather strap 60cm

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925 vintage DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ...-UpwindUpwind The cross is the central symbol of faith in Christianity. Read more ..., women's and men's jewelry.

Strong necklace for women and men. – A Christian cross with a skull at its center and a dragon or horned one SnakeSnake Snakes represent femininity. They are fascinating and not harmless. Read more ... is played around.

The crucifix has a fine pattern and the large scales of the dragon snake are also worked out in great detail. The chain pendant is clearly oxidized, which gives the piece of jewelry an almost antique appeal ("vintage silver").

The cross shines smoothly polished from the back, while the writhing mythical animal is sculpted all around. Obviously he has DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ... conquered the cross.

The high-quality dragon art necklace made of 925 sterling silver fits perfectly into the Gothic scene, for bikers or fantasy fans. On request, the pendant can be delivered with a fine silver chain or a black leather strap. Equally suitable for women and men.

Info: The dragon cross is always popular as a piece of jewelry or a tattoo. Despite its powerful charisma, however, it does not seem to have any historical significance. Perhaps one can think of the dragon slayer. The hero usually kills the creature with a lance, but occasionally he also defeats the dragon with a cross. But the dragon did not find death here. A powerful symbol of courage, strength and wisdom.
Similar to the present motif, depictions with a snake on a cross can also be found in Christianity, but these are difficult to interpret. Of course one should also think of the staff of Aesculapius, and also in the alchemy Similar symbolism can be found.
Dragons and snakes are very ambivalent beings. They can be very dangerous and yet the KeyKey The key is considered a custodian, token of love and lucky charm. Read more ... carry to knowledge. If you know how to use it correctly, the dragon can be a powerful power animal for its wearer.

  • Dragon jewelry brand EUDORA ♥ Loving design, always comes in good quality.
  • Pendant made of 100% sterling silver (925), nickel free, lead free, cadmium free, hypoallergenic.
  • Highly polished and oxidized (“vintage silver”).
  • Dimensions approx. 17,7 x 35,5mm (height with suspension).
  • Weight approx 4,79g.
  • With a necklace on request.
    – 925 silver chain (1,1mm), approx. 45 or 50cm long.
    – Or with a black wax leather strap, approx. 60cm long.
  • Delivery with jewelry box. Perfect for giving away!

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