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Dark Green Moss Agate Tibetan Lotus Mala Wrap Bracelet | Gemstone prayer beads


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Dark green mala made of moss agate beads and lotus.

A vividly marbled gemstone mala made from Moss Agate beads. The stone gets its name from the dark green inclusions and streaks that are reminiscent of real moss. Small silver spacers divide the four sections of the counting chain - and the Buddhist piece of jewelry has a round pendant Lotus flowerLotus flower The lotus flower symbolizes an open heart and the enlightened mind. Read more ... in silver color.

The 8mm gemstone beads are threaded onto an elastic stretch band so the mala can also be worn as a wrap bracelet. The length is about three to four wraps depending on the circumference of the arm.

The pretty prayer chain with its marbled colors is equally suitable for women or as men's jewelry. the Lotus flower is a sacred symbol repeatedly associated with Buddha and his enlightenment. Of the Moss agate should be able to help to free oneself from old entanglements and to tackle changes in life.

Info: The Tibetan "mala chain" with its 108 balls is the prayer chain of Hinduism and Buddhism. It can be worn as a necklace or a wrap bracelet, but is actually a meditation aid. The malas are often made of precious stones and have a small pendant (guru bead) so that one can sense when a round is over.
The 108 balls correspond to 4x 27 beads. You have to transform 27 passions into 27 qualities of mind and overcome 27 defilements of the heart in order to attain 27 qualities. More on this here.

  • YMORL Brand Tibetan Mala ♥ Specializing in wellness jewelry made from natural stones.
  • Prayer chain made of 108 beads (+ chain pendant) on an elastic cord.
  • Polished moss agate, diameter approx. 8mm.
  • Small zinc alloy lotus pendant.
  • Circumference of the necklace approx. 90cm.
  • Can also be worn as a wrap bracelet thanks to the stretch cord.
  • Weight approx 92g.
  • Note: Jewelery made from real natural stones. Slight deviations from the photos are possible.





・Prayer beads length

・Prayer beads diameter

・Prayer Beads Material


・ Special packaging

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