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Violet Amethyst Bracelet / Black Onyx, Faceted Stones | Healing Stone Jewelry


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Gemstone braided bracelet made of amethyst or onyx.

A pretty bracelet made of faceted gemstones in two rows - purple amethyst or black onyx. The square cut beads are firmly intertwined with a polyester cord. The robust bracelet can be adjusted to any size with a slight pull.

There are two variants to choose from. The healing stone bracelet is either made of purple amethysts, which are connected by a light purple polyester cord. – Or the gemstone band comes all dark black, made of onyx beads with a black cord.

Info: The amethyst has always been considered one of the most important healing stones. Its natural purple color also connects us to the crownChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ... and enlightenment. – The black onyx, on the other hand, was considered a protective stone against black magic and other evils in the Middle Ages. Already in ancient Egypt it was often used as a burial object to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. Psychologically, the dark companion is said to be able to strengthen self-confidence.

In any case, an eye-catching and pretty bracelet for women and men alike!

  • gemstone YMORL brand bracelet ♥ Specializing in wellness jewelry made from natural stones.
  • Fashion jewelery made of facet cut amethysts or onyx.
  • Beads on braided polyester cord, adjustable from approx. 16-23cm.
  • Size of the gemstone beads approx. 6mm = width of the bracelet approx. 10mm.
  • Note: Jewelery made from real natural stones. Slight deviations from the photos are therefore possible.

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