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Malachite and Tiger Eye Beaded Ball Bracelet for Men | natural stone jewelry

25,20 - 26,30

Delivery time 10-18 days

8 mm10 mm

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Malachite and tiger eye gemstone bracelet.

Pretty train bracelet made of alternating malachite and tiger eye beads. Two diameters can be selected for the balls. The scope is slightly adjustable with a blue drawstring.

The pretty natural stone bracelet with its marbled green and brown tones is primarily intended for men. If the size fits, it can also be worn by women.

Info: The golden-brown tiger eye is considered a healing stone of courage and grounding. Above all, we associate protection, hope and healing of the psyche with the green marbled malachite. Due to its color, the stone is also with the HeartHeart The heart carries love and it says who we are. Read more ...-ChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ... connected.

  • ALBASHAN Brand Gemstone Bracelet ♥ Experienced gemstone prayer beads and jewelry manufacturer.
  • Costume jewelry made from natural stones and cord (no metal).
  • Diameter selectable. 8mm or 10mm (22-24 balls).
  • Adjustable by train from approx. 18,5-26,5cm.
  • Delivery with jewelry pouch.
  • Note: bracelet made of real natural stones. Slight deviations from the photos are therefore possible.



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