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Black orgone pendant with copper spiral and elephant | Orgonite jewelry


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Black obsidian orgone pendant with SpiralSpiral The spiral is one of the oldest known symbols of life itself. Read more ... and ElephantElephant The elephant is a lucky charm and stands for wisdom, strength and long life. Read more ....

An unusual black one OrgoniteOrgonite Orgonites are artistic, handcrafted objects made of synthetic resin, metals and precious stones, which are said to be able to increase the life force in their environment. Read more ... Necklace. The narrow, but quite thick chain pendant is filled with gold flakes in the background, on which deep black obsidian lies. A copper spiral is cast in the foreground - and a lively little elephant made of zinc alloy.

The dark and yet playful necklace is suitable for both men and women. A black wax leather strap is included as a necklace.

Suggestion: The black obsidian symbolizes our dark sides, the shadows of our past. As a healing stone, it also has the ability to release these fears and blockages. The copper spiral is intended to increase the energetic effect of the orgone jewellery. It is also a symbol of life, of the eternal rhythm of change.

Finally, the elephant is one of the strongest power animals of all. It radiates calm and wisdom and stands for a long life.

Info: Our orgonite jewelry is handmade. Each piece is therefore a little unique. The combination of transparent synthetic resin with precious stones and metals is said to harmonize the life energies and have healing effects.

  • With a black buckskin strap with an extension chain. Length about 50 + 5cm.
  • Size of the chain pendant approx. 40 x 16,5mm.
  • Thickness approx 10,5mm.
  • Delivery with jewelry pouch.
  • Fine orgone jewellery, made by hand. Each piece is unique. Small deviations from the photos are possible.








・ Orgonite gemstones

・ Orgonite metal

・ Special packaging

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