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Purple amethyst orgonite with gold flakes and ball, 6cm | Orgone Pyramid

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Violet orgone pyramid with floating amethyst sphere.

A predominantly purple colored one OrgoniteOrgonite Orgonites are artistic, handcrafted objects made of synthetic resin, metals and precious stones, which are said to be able to increase the life force in their environment. Read more ...pyramid with amethyst tumbled stones and ball. The bottom of the pyramid is filled with a field of amethyst tumbled stones and gold flakes. Above this is an energy patch with a circle flower in pink-violet tones and finally an amethyst ball “floats” at the top of the pyramid.

Suggestion: In contrast to most orgone pyramids, only one gemstone is processed here. The amethyst has always been regarded as a healing stone par excellence. The purple color also connects it to the crown or crownChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ..., which unites us with our higher self, with the divine, with the universe.

A beautiful object full of positive energy!

info: Our orgonite pyramids are handmade and are therefore always small and unique. Its combination of transparent synthetic resin with precious stones and metals is said to harmonize the life energies and have healing effects.

  • Size approx. 6 x 6 x 6cm.
  • Weight approx 200g.
  • Delivered in a gift box.
  • Made of natural stones and handcrafted - each of the wonderful orgonite pyramids is unique!




・ Orgonite gemstones

・ Orgonite size

・ Orgonite metal

・ Special packaging

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