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Dark, black-blue orgone pyramid with obsidian sphere, 6cm | orgonite

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Black orgone pyramid with copperSpiralSpiral The spiral is one of the oldest known symbols of life itself. Read more ....

A very mystical and dark looking one OrgoniteOrgonite Orgonites are artistic, handcrafted objects made of synthetic resin, metals and precious stones, which are said to be able to increase the life force in their environment. Read more ...pyramid that seems to give a glimpse into a distant corner of the universe. A copper spiral rises from the black colored floor, encircling a blue plate with a Hindu symbol. A twisted metal ring and finally a black obsidian ball – like a planet, float above it MoonMoon The moon stands for the feminine, the night and for rhythmic change. Read more ... or even a black hole works.

Suggestion: The deep black obsidian is said to be able to help bring out our "shadow sides" (hidden traumas) in order to process them and to understand that bad experiences are only a part of us as long as we allow them to be. The blue disc, which not only matches the color well, is reminiscent of the symbol for the neckChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ...that connects us to our true selves.
The so intangible blackness can also be equated with the "nothingness" - the place where everything arises from which we can create / create. So says Dr. Joe Dispenza also repeatedly “go into the void” in his meditations.

info: Our orgonite pyramids are handmade and are therefore always small and unique. Its combination of transparent synthetic resin with precious stones and metals is said to harmonize the life energies and have healing effects.

  • Size approx. 6 x 6 x 6cm.
  • Weight approx. 140-200g.
  • Made from natural stones and lovingly handcrafted - each of the orgonite pyramids is unique!



・ Main color


・ Orgonite gemstones

・ Orgonite size

・ Orgonite metal


・ Special packaging

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2 Reviews
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  1. F *** r -

    A beautiful pyramid!!

  2. Elke Fickel -

    Very nicely finished pyramid. It is now the second and I love these compositions. I have my pyramid in the bedroom and have been sleeping better ever since. I gave the second one to my mother and she is now less startled by bad dreams or plagued by heart palpitations. I am very, very, very satisfied.

    Dark, black-blue pyramid with obsidian sphere, 6cm | Orgonite fire: AuroraOrgone
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