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Gemstone Protection Amulet, Evil Eye, Occult Silver Jewelry | 925 silver chain pendant

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Gemstone mandala made of 925 sterling silver.

This magical spiritual necklace pendant in the shape of a mandala attracts attention! A blue zirconia shines in the centerEyeEye Eyes are considered the "window to the soul" and are always an eye-catcher as jewelry! Read more ... made of sky blue, white and black crystals. This living symbol of protection is intended to protect against the “evil eye” and any harm.

Arranged around the center are eight colorful gemstone balls or healing stones that are reminiscent of the ChakrasChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ... remember. These include: red agate (red), obsidian (black), citrine (yellow), tiger eye (golden brown), amethyst (purple), turquoise (turquoise), malachite (green) and a rose quartz (pink).

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Finally, the outer leaves carry various spiritual symbols. Appear in turn: The SunSun The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading..., a moon goddess or mother goddess, the Egyptian AnkhUpwindUpwind The cross is the central symbol of faith in Christianity. Read more ..., a triskeletriskele The divine triskele arises from a triple spiral. Read more ..., a TripletTriplet The triqueta is a special form of the Celtic knot. Read more ... (celtic knotCeltic knot The endless Celtic braided patterns are often associated with eternal love. Read more ...), a snow crystal tree of lifetree of life The symbol of the tree of life connects us to creation and life itself. Read more ... and PentagramPentagram The pentagram, also known as the pentagram, pentalpha or five-pointed star, is an ancient symbol of sacred geometry. Read more ... with the tip upwards.

The open and multifaceted design is presented in the colors of a rainbow and gives the pendant the appearance of a flower or a colorful snow crystal. A pretty eye-catcher!

Upon request, we can deliver the colorful, mystical piece of jewelry with a fine silver chain or a black wax leather strap.

  • Spiritual silver jewelry from the brand EUDORA ♥ Great designs, always comes in good quality.
  • Gemstone necklace pendant made of 100% sterling silver (925), nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, hypoallergenic.
  • Highly polished and rhodium-platedJewelry process Information about the jewelry process..
  • Dimensions approx. 27,6 x 36,7mm (height with suspension).
  • Weight approx 4,15g.
  • With a necklace on request.
    – 925 silver chain (1,0mm), approx. 45 or 50cm long.
    – Or with a black wax leather strap, approx. 60cm long.
  • Delivery with jewelry box. Perfect for giving away!

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・ Main stone color



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・ Jewelry process

・ Special packaging

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