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Let yourself be inspired by our motif jewellery. We have a large selection of jewelry motifs on offer:

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Egyptian Eye of Horus, with blue zirconia | 925 pendant brand: Eudora
eye catcher! Magic eye with blue and white zirconia | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
EyesEye Eyes are considered the "window to the soul" and are always an eye-catcher as jewelry! Read more ...
Autumn leaf, maple leaf in rust-red autumn color | 925 necklace, charm
Colorful rainbow flower, approx. 4,5mm | 925 dangle beads
Flower of Life with Zirconia | 925 chain pendant
flower of Lifeflower of Life The "flower of life" stands for the cosmic order and inner harmony. Read more ...
A to Z, letter pendant with zirconia, name initial | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Cute Buddha child made of 990 fine silver | 925 chain pendant
Silver Dragon or Ouroboros in 3D, Alchemy Necklace | 925 pendant brand: Eudora
DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ...
Vintage silver unicorn with red flowers in Art Nouveau design | 925 pendant brand: Eudora
unicornHorse The horse is a symbol of freedom and strong partnership. Read more ...
Chocolate! Enamelled dangle chain pendant for gourmets, 3D | 925 Silver Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer
Girl on the Moon Flower Swing, Siblings and Friendship | 925 silver necklace brand: Eudora
Little elf or fairy with zirconia wings | 925 necklace
Modian New Design Geometric 3D Square Cube Stud Earrings for Women Authentic 925 Sterling Silver Stylish Minimalism Jewelry Gift
Celtic Knot Shamrock Lucky Charm Necklace | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
lucky clovercloverleaf The four-leaf clover is one of the classic lucky symbols. Read more ...
Ladybug with a heart "You are my sunshine", ladybug! 4,5mm | 925 Silver Dangle Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer
Red enamelled heart with gift bow, heart gift | 925 beads
HeartHeart The heart carries love and it says who we are. Read more ...
Fatima's hand with a red or pink eye ring | 925 chain pendant
Dog, cute baby dog ​​or husky puppy with enamel and zirconia eyes | 925 beads
Eye catcher! Black rhodium-plated lazy 3D cat, approx. 4,5mm | 925 beads
catsCat There is something seductive and very feminine about cats, but they can also be very cheeky. Read more ...
Thor's Hammer, Celtic Viking Necklace Pendant, Men's Jewelry | 925 vintage silver brand: Eudora
Gothic hollow cross with braided pattern, Gothic Vintage | 925 chain pendant
lotus flower small round pendant | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
Lotus flowerLotus flower The lotus flower symbolizes an open heart and the enlightened mind. Read more ...
Lively, dancing tree of life with family | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
tree of lifetree of life The symbol of the tree of life connects us to creation and life itself. Read more ...
Necklace with blue enameled whale fin (fluke) | 925 chain pendant
Hare in the moon with mother-of-pearl, moon hare | 925 chain pendant
MoonMoon The moon stands for the feminine, the night and for rhythmic change. Read more ...
Clef & Heart for Music Lovers | 925 chain pendant
Silver Wire Tree of Life Pendant with Mother Goddess and 3 Children | 925 silver necklace brand: Eudora
Mother goddess
Paw print with heart, heart paw in silver or rose gold plated | 925 necklace
Lifelike rose with rose gold plated rose blossom | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
RosenRose Red roses are a symbol of love and passion. Read more ...
Silver key to the heart, heart key, sky key, lucky key | 925 chain pendant
KeyKey The key is considered a custodian, token of love and lucky charm. Read more ...
Large blue sparkling butterfly, stopper bead | 925 Beads brand: Bamoer
Dangle Bead with a fine crystal snowflake | 925 Silver Charms brand: Eudora
Fiery sun on shimmering mother-of-pearl | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
SunshineSunshine The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading...
Zirconia snails with blue crystal drops as hinged hoop earrings | 925 earrings
SpiralSpiral The spiral is one of the oldest known symbols of life itself. Read more ...
Soccer! Enamelled ball bead for all football fans | 925 Silver Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer
Sparkling zirconia polar star on mother-of-pearl | 925 chain pendant (D) item location: Germany
Star of David, hexagram with sparkling zirconia | 925 pendant brand: Eudora
Symbol star
skull, skull of man or woman, mexico festival of death | 925 Silver Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer
Death & Devil
Sweet elephant with heart and zirconia, with necklace | 925 chain pendant
Filigree dream catcher with 3 feathers as a pendant | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
dream catcherdream catcher The Indian dream catchers are said to fulfill wishes and bring good luck! Read more ...
Heart and Infinity, Necklace for Eternal Love | 925 silver pendant brand: Eudora
InfinityInfinity A lying eight is the symbol for infinity and "eternal love". Read more ...
Enamel brooch, colourful, glittering hummingbird with zirconia | 925 silver brooch brand: Santuzza
BirdsBird Birds are a symbol of freedom and happiness and are often associated with the soul. Read more ...
Green Christmas Tree with Colorful Crystal Balls and Snowflake | 925 Silver Beads & Charms brand: Bamoer