Glossary: ​​wolf

The wolf in its meaning and symbolism

The wolf is a special power animal that casts its spell on people everywhere it appears. In ancient Egypt, the wolf-like Thoth was the soul guide, the Indians consider the wolf to be a spiritual, sacred animal and brother in the hunt. In Norse mythology we find the Fenriswolf, which will destroy the gods in connection with the end of the world, while the she-wolf of antiquity raised Romulus and Remus. Above all, the Bible sees a danger in the wolf, which culminates in superstition in the werewolf.

Due to its close relationship to the popular domestic dog, dog owners in particular naturally feel fascinated by wolves. It is also one of the few animals that can be given as a first name in German. The name “wolf” represents cleverness and strength.

In fact, before the development of agriculture and pastoralism, the wolf was the most widespread land mammal on earth (Wikipedia). Through habitat destruction and systematic persecution, it has been wiped out in some parts of the world. The wolf is now under protection in many countries, but this does not cause undisputed enthusiasm.

The fascinating thing about wolves is undoubtedly their distinctive social behavior. They form family packs with mostly about 10 animals, consisting of a pair of parents and their offspring. The relationships between the wolves are complex, they hunt together and the pack naturally claims its own territory.

The relationship between man and wolf was originally characterized by a certain reverence. A competitor in the hunt, not only feared but admired, and with whom a brave warrior was willing to identify. Not only in Egypt did he carry the task of spiritual director. The wolf was also identified with the "primordial mother". In Germany, too, various parts of the wolf were considered to have healing powers.

However, the increasing spread of humans made the wolf a threat and so its image changed. Awe turned to fear turned to demonization. We find the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" and fairy tales like "Little Red Riding Hood and the (Big) Wolf."

The legend of the werewolf goes very far back. There is already a passage in the Gilgamesh epic in which the goddess Istar transforms a shepherd into a wolf. In Greek and Nordic literature there are texts that tell of the temporary transformation of humans into vicious wolves. These stories may have been inspired by rabies patients, since rabies was usually triggered by a wolf bite.
In terms of time, the persecution of wolves coincided closely with the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, so that in areas that suffered from the wolves - appropriately not only witch trials but also werewolf trials took place.

Not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world, the symbolic meaning of the wolf is closely related to the experiences people have had with them. If he remains a companion in the distance, the wolf is often seen as a holy guardian spirit. However, when the wolf and human become closer, the predator preys on livestock and is perceived as very ferocious and frightening. Unfortunately, wolves often kill entire herds (“surplus killing”).
This is probably due to the fact that the flight behavior of the prey “automatically” triggers an attack in the wolf. In the wild there is rarely an opportunity to capture more than one animal, because the moment one is overwhelmed - allows the other to flee. "A fleeing animal, on the other hand, will be pursued even if the wolves have just caught prey and a nearby hoofed animal suddenly flees." (Wikipedia) The wolves create depots from leftover parts.

The wolf as a symbol or power animal expects reverence, then it will faithfully give all its strength to its wearer. He'll be happy with that Moon brought into connection (moon wolf) and stands for loyalty and cohesion in the group. A wolf without a pack is alonely wolf“. Again "Steppenwolf” by Herman Hesse.

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