Glossary: ​​Tree of Life

The Tree of Life or Tree of Life

The symbol of the tree of life appears in almost all mythologies and stands as a world axis for the living connection between the underworld, lifeworld and heaven or (in terms of time) creation, life and death. Strong trees like the oak are often used, sometimes the tree is also used by animals like Eagle or Snake populated. 

Yggdrasil is known, the world ash or the world tree of the Germans. The Buddhists have their bodhi tree. The biblical tree of knowledge is also associated with the tree of life. In mythology, the death of this tree usually means the end of all life or at least an age of life.

The meaning of this popular jewelry symbol is very universal: the tree is not only a symbol of life, it can also give us a shamanic connection with creation or the ancestors. It stands for vitality, strength and trust in the cosmic order and everything that is and connects and thus also with our true self.

The large tree is wonderfully suited as a jewelry symbol. The roots allow celtic knot interweave and the leaves are often decorated with sparkling crystals that radiate joie de vivre. 
Sometimes there is also a forest goddess or the tribe in the tribe Mother goddess, from which he emerges.

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