Glossary: ​​tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet or the Riviere style

A sparkling flow of fine crystals!

The term “tennis bracelet” actually has less to do with the sport than with a story behind it. In 1897, the American tennis player Chris Evert lost her famous diamond-studded Rivière bracelet at the US Open - which led to a media-effective interruption of the game until the beloved piece of jewelry was found again. 

The Riviére style - derived from the French word for "river" - is characterized by a circumferential, close juxtaposition of diamonds. As a result, the shimmer of the stones optically flows together in a band. The bracelet can be made of gold or silver, the stones in one or two rows and set round or square.

In addition to the expensive diamond jewelry, “tennis bracelets" also with zirconia, rhinestones or Svarovski crystals. 

In any case: simple elegance! 💎

Riviere style silver jewellery

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