Glossary: ​​sun

The SunshineSunshine The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading... in its symbolic meaning

The sun symbol is of great importance all over the world, as the sun is considered to be the most important giver of life alongside water. It determines the day, the year and, with its daily reappearance, the progress of life in general. 

Just as the sun can shine, so do we “shine with joy” when we are happy. It stands for everything that is light and thus also for knowledge.

In most cultures, the sun is viewed as "male" (= giving), as opposed to the "female" MoonMoon The moon stands for the feminine, the night and for rhythmic change. Read more ... (= receive). Their radiance symbolizes strength and power. This is also the case SonnenSunshine The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading...-ChakraChakras The 7 main energy centers of our body are called chakras. Read more ... under ours HeartHeart The heart carries love and it says who we are. Read more ... as a place of our inner strength, where light and fire find each other.

For the light will always conquer the shadow. While shadow means absence of something - light is always presence. It stands for the highest cosmic power and being itself.

Almost every circle can also be symbolically interpreted as a sun, especially if it is reminiscent of a wheel - the sun wheel. Because the sun is a luminous circle that determines the rhythm and progress of life. While standing still would be death. A world without shadows would be just as dead as a world without light.

Derived from the sun wheel is the sun cross, which is called a swastika in Sanskrit - and can be found in almost all ancient cultures in a modified form. There have always been sun cults, solstice celebrations and sun worshipers around the world.

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Further information, including the symbolism of the sun in fairy tales, can be found on the website of the Ammersee Narrative Caravan.

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