Glossary: ​​spiral

The spiral in its meaning as a symbol

The spiral is one of the oldest known symbols, found in rock signs around the world - but also in nature itself.

Thus, galaxies are no less spirally structured than numerous flower blossoms or our DNA. It is found in the smallest and the largest and stands for life itself, for movement and progress, for cycles that are always similar but never identical. But constant further development. 

Special shapes are the golden spiral, which can be constructed from the golden section, or the double spiral of the Celts. A triple spiral is also called triskele bezeichnet. 

Sometimes a distinction is made between right-hand and left-hand spirals with different directions of movement, in which case one stands for further development and the other for the return to unity. 

A very universal symbol for life that has always been worn as jewelry.

Motif decoration in spirals

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