Glossary: ​​snowflake

The snowflake and its meaning as a symbol

The snowflakes are a very special natural phenomenon, because one is never the same as the other. Every snow crystal is not only beautiful, perfectly symmetrical, but also unique and yet as short-lived and as difficult to grasp as a moment in time.

100 years ago, the fine structures inspired the American photographer Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) to devote himself to researching snow. He was one of the first to succeed in photographing snow crystals under a microscope. He photographed 5.000 snowflakes and published about half of them in his 1931 book Snow Crystals. Bentley came up with the thesis that no two flakes are the same.

In their white silence, the fine structures symbolize above all purity, beauty, the magic of the moment, but also vulnerability. Snowflakes are a very special form of water, which is considered the element of life and emotions. Its white color brings light into the otherwise dark winter.

Not surprisingly, the wondrous crystals make wonderful jewelry, especially silver jewelry because of the color.

Silver jewelry with snowflakes

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