Glossary: ​​snake

The snake as a symbol

Snakes are among the archetypes and have a very diverse, sometimes contradictory symbolism. They are fascinating, difficult to predict and can be very dangerous. They are also considered good luck charms.

In Christian culture, the serpent is associated with the devil because it tempted Adam and Eve to taste the tree of knowledge, which resulted in their banishment from paradise. The paradox is that it was only then that the damned could even recognize that they had previously been in paradise. In order to understand something, we must also experience its opposite. Those who do not know fear can never fully feel love.

In esotericism, for example, there is the symbol of the Ouroboros, a snake that bites its own tail and thus closes a circle. Because without death there is no life. Just as without change there would only be death. We cannot avoid it, this is the deep wisdom of the seductive serpent.

It is very similar in Germanic mythology Midgard Serpent known. This gigantic world serpent spans the entire earth and bites its own tail in the ocean - and Ragnarök, the world conflagration, the final battle begins - when the serpent lets go of its tail.

Also in the Hindu mythology there is a mighty world serpent, Shesha, with a very complex meaning related to creation. Sometimes it is also called “Anata” = infinity, which means that when this snake no longer exists, the universe will end.

Due to its recurring moulting, the snake is considered a symbol of eternal youth, vitality and rebirth. A very well-known snake symbol is the staff of Asculapius, which is still used in medicine today and is actually reminiscent of the Hindu Kundalini - the snake power sleeping in each of us, which can awaken and rise in us. A difficult process leading to enlightenment. 

The elusive animal stands for femininity, fertility and wisdom and is often worn as a tattoo or jewellery. 🐍

A close connection exists between the serpents and dragons. The fantasy creatures probably evolved from the snakes after they were given wings. The Latin word “Draco” can also be translated as snake.

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