Glossary: ​​Rose

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The rose as a symbol

Red roses are simply the symbol of love and are very often given away for Valentine's Day or as an unspoken symbol of love. According to a legend, Eve is said to have secretly taken a rose from paradise out of love for Adam and thus brought it to earth. Roses are also dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary (“A rose has sprung”).

In Greek and Roman mythology, the rose is consecrated to the gods Aphrodite and Eros and in the Middle Ages it was considered a tried and tested means of love. In Indian Tantra, the rose symbolizes the heart, where the feeling of love originates.

The meaning of the rose often also depends on its color, so white roses stand for innocence, purity and loyalty, while red roses are more a symbol of passion. That is why white roses are often given as gifts for births or weddings.

A special feature are the rare black roses. There is something mystical about their dark color and symbolizes an unusual depth. Whether it is deep love or deep sorrow - we are touched in a way that seems to take the ground under our feet. The black flowers are also very popular in the Gothic scene, be it real, as a tattoo, accessory - or piece of jewellery. Oxidized (“vintage”) silver jewelry in particular is ideal for this motif.

The thorns of the roses are reminiscent of the vulnerability and sensitivity that always accompanies deep love. The color of the blood is also found in the classic roses. With a red rose, one also symbolically gives one's heart.

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