Glossary: ​​Phoenix

The meaning and symbolism of the phoenix

The firebird rising from its own ashes or Phoenix is a symbol of self-sacrifice, rebirth and immortality. He is often awarded a red and gold plumage.

At the end of each life cycle, which according to mythology can last several hundred years, the mythical creature (itself) burns in a fire lit by the sun and rises renewed from its own ashes at sunrise. So there is always only one phoenix.

The symbol “like a phoenix from the ashes” is very universal, because the old must pass away and be overcome if something new and more brilliant is to emerge. One can relate this to events in the world as well as to the development of one's own personality. In many initiation mysteries, the initiate must experience a symbolic death - from which he emerges a new human being.

Already in ancient Egypt one has the phoenix with the Flamingo associated. Its Latin family name "Phoenicopteridae" also means translated something like "phoenix wings" and the "flamingo" bears the root word "flam", which is reminiscent of fire (Latin flamma = flame). The fiery pink feathers lose their color when separated from the bird. So the soul of the bird can be grasped just as little as the fire.
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The firebird is often worn as jewelry or a tattoo. A strong motif, especially as men's jewelry.

Motif decoration with the firebird

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