Glossary: ​​pentagram

Pentagram and hexagram as decorative symbols

Symbol stars are closely related to number symbolism. The pentagram and the hexagram are the best known and occupy a special place.

Because five is the first number that can be represented as a star. All smaller numbers cannot yet be nested in this way (1= point, 2 = line, 3 = triangle, 4 = cross). The five-pointed star, the pentagram, can be drawn in just one line. This is not possible with the following six-pointed star, the hexagram. The regular six-pointed star is formed from two nested triangles. Interestingly, you can pull through all the other stars up to 10 again.

The Pentagram, also called drudenfoot, pentalpha or five-star, is an ancient symbol of sacred geometry. The five-pointed star with the surrounding circle intersects again and again in the golden ratio. In ancient times it was the symbol of Venus and the Pythagorean symbol. In esotericism it is often equated with the number five - while the 4 (including the four elements) symbolizes the material world, the 5 stands for overcoming it and the spirit.

Since the pentagram, including the surrounding (protective) circle, can be drawn in one go, it is considered a special sacred protective symbol. In Christianity, the five pointed star represents the 5 wounds of Jesus. It was only later that the point-down pentagram was associated with Satanism.

In popular belief, it was used as a protective symbol against nightmares and everything related to them. “Drudes” are cursed people who are doomed to look for victims at night who can press (= trudan) them. They can detach themselves from their bodies and enter a room through the smallest gaps. A pentagram placed near the bed, which protects against nightmares, is called a pentagram.

This meaning of the pentagram is also known from Goethe's Faust. The sign on the threshold bans the devil Mephistopheles in Faust's study.

The five-pointed star gained its outstanding importance as an occult symbol in particular through the French occultist Eliphas Levi (1810-1875). Interesting comments on this can be found here. To this day it is often used in the occult scene.

The shape of hexagram is formed from two intertwined equilateral triangles, resulting in a six-pointed star. It is a very universal symbol, found in both Asia (particularly tantra) and the West, and essentially stands for "connection". Be it the connection of man with the divine spark, be it the connection of the elements (alchemy).

As the “Star of David” the hexagram is the symbol of Judaism, as the “Seal of Solomon” the six-pointed star is a powerful magical protective symbol - because every connection is based on love and thus an enormous power.

Not surprisingly, the sacred geometric symbols are very popular to be worn as jewelry or given as gifts. Even if you don't know the meaning, something radiates from the stars. Of course you can also keep them with you as a lucky charm/lucky star or protective amulet. 

⭐ "Every man and woman is a star." (Aleister Crowley) 

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