Glossary: ​​Hand of Fatima

The protective hand or the hand of Fatima as a symbol

The hand is our main organ for physical touch. But we can also use it to express emotional touches, for example when we "shake hands" with someone else. The hands can create and destroy things. They can “speak” and reject or invite something. We use the hand to swear. And our fingerprint is as unique as the lines of the hand in which chiromancy finds our destiny. Read more at the Swiss Society for Symbol Research: hands, hands, hands.

The "Hand of Fatima“, also known as Hamsa, Chamsa, Khamsa, is a protective symbol that is known worldwide today and originates from Islamic culture. It unites the “protective hand” with the “guarding hand Eye’, which can also be found in other cultures. Fatima (606-632) was the youngest daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and was considered a sinless virgin. Her "hand", which often has an eye in the palm of her hand, is particularly regarded as a protective symbol against the evil eye or spirits.

A similar meaning is found in Christianity in the Virgin Mary and her blessing hand of the Annunciation. Colloquially, people like to talk about a “protective hand” that you can hold over something.

As jewelry, the protective symbol is usually worn as a pendant on the heart. A nice gift for children (girls) too.

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