Glossary: ​​Mother Goddess

The great mother goddess in her meaning

The mother goddess, "great mother" or fertility goddess is usually represented as a woman with child or children or as a (semi)nude woman with prominent breasts. It symbolizes creativity and the ability to nourish and preserve life. Sometimes she is even considered the creator of the gods.

The great goddess appears in almost all mythologies in one form or another. The Egyptian Isis or Demeter are known to the Greeks. The biblical Eve can also be understood as the mother goddess, as she is also referred to in the Bible as the "mother of all living things". In the more pagan-Celtic environment we find Gaia as our mother-earth, which brings forth and nourishes everything that is alive. 

Only a mother brings life into this world. She cares for, protects and raises her child. She enjoys his greatest trust and gives him what he will need later. She will always be there for it. – In fact, the woman has much more power over the man than vice versa. Because every man is also a son.

If we wish, we can find the Mother Goddess in everything that lives and gives rise to life. In spring it is she who makes the buds sprout. It donates the water, which is the basis of life, and ensures a rich harvest in autumn. She guides us in all aspects of life and gives us help and comfort if we only ask her for it.

Of course, the great mother also simply stands for femininity, she creates and protects life. Ideal jewelery for strong, self-confident women!

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