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The moon in its meaning and symbolism

The moon (Luna) is a popular symbol for constant change and transformation. He's not from them Sunshine to separate, because the light that he radiates to us - is the sunlight. Therefore, the moon represents the feminine principle, because it receives and reflects the sunlight, just as the woman receives the man, accepts it and creates something new from it. In almost all mythologies there are powerful and versatile moon goddesses, just think of the Egyptian Isis with the crescent moon on her head. 

The earth companion, which is usually only visible at night, regularly runs through its cycles from the narrow crescent to the round full moon and back. Due to its changing gravitational pull, it also influences many natural processes on earth. It is therefore not surprising that evidence of the use of a lunar calendar can already be found among the ancient Egyptians. Because its constant change is actually a reliably returning rhythm.

When we picture the moon, we usually immediately have either a crescent moon or the round full moon in mind. The crescent moon is therefore also the astronomical symbol for the celestial body. It is often associated mythologically with a ship, the moon barque. The strong full moon can bring spooky, demonic things to light at night and wolves are said to this day to howl at the full moon.

We like to tell children a story about the “man in the moon” who turns on the light in the evening so that they are protected and can still see something at night. Or from the friendly moon face, which can be seen in the crater landscape. From time to time there is also the daring thesis that the moon is made of green cheese...

Our attitude towards the moon is no less changeable than the celestial body itself. We meet it with reverence, with gratitude for its nocturnal light - or simply with humor. In essence, however, it stands for a light in the night before the many small stars, which looks after us like a mother in the dark. He brings the sun into the darkness.

So there are always beautiful jewelry motifs for women and children, sometimes with stars, where a crescent moon carries something and lovingly protects it.

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