Glossary: ​​lotus flower

The lotus as the sacred flower of enlightenment

There is always beautiful jewelry with the motif of the lotus flower - and it is not for nothing that this very special flower has become part of our logo. The pale pink flowers are reminiscent of our native water lilies and are often confused with them. But the true, tropical lotus or lotus (Nelumbo) always protrudes a little out of the water with its stem and, in contrast to the water lilies (Nymphaea), has a filled center. And: there are only two species worldwide!

Especially in Asia, but also in Islam, the gentle lotus flower is considered very sacred. It grows from dark mud in its depths, but it finds its way to the sun and above the water surface it truly shines. The life of the plant symbolizes the path from darkness to light and its flower stands for the open heart and an open, receptive mind. 

It is closely associated with the Buddha's enlightenment. The Buddha figures almost always sit on a lotus flower in the typical meditation posture. This classic pose, which is very favorable for mediation, is therefore also used in yoga as the lotus seat (little guide) designated. Some legends also say that Buddha is said to have seen the light of day on a lotus flower. Or enlightenment.

The symbols of our seven main chakras are also borrowed from the lotus. While the root chakra symbol has only four petals, up to the crown chakra their number seems to be infinite. The bottom chakra primarily focuses on rooting with the earth and its four directions and elements. The crown chakra, on the other hand, symbolizes infinite wisdom, the truly enlightened mind and loses itself - in the eternity of all being.

But not only the flowers of these plants are enchanting. A fascinating phenomenon is the so-called lotus effect of the leaves: any liquid simply rolls off the surface. Therefore, the plant has always been a symbol of purity, not only because of its radiant flowers, but also because of its dirt-repellent abilities.

One architect simply described the lotus as “the most perfect flower in the whole world” (Fariborz Sahba).

In fact, the lotus flower is so important, especially in India, that it has even made its way into architecture here. “The domes […] of Mughal architecture in India regularly end in inverted marble lotus blossoms (e.g. Taj Mahal).” (Wikipedia)

And of course such a wonderful flower is always a strong symbol of love, which permeates everything. Love is the one prerequisite for all wisdom and also for the fact that we even begin to walk the path to ourselves - instead of persevering in the comfort of the dark depths. 

A pretty and at the same time meaningful symbol that is wonderfully suitable as jewelery for women, but also for men. 💜 

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