Glossary: ​​key

The meaning of the love or heaven key

The key is often seen as the custodian and protector of something very important, if not sacred. As jewelry you will usually find a heart key that is only given to a loved one and thus symbolizes a special love. To let another person into your heart is to make yourself vulnerable. A nice gesture.

Another special key is the Christian key to heaven, which is kept by Peter. The key can also be a symbol of silence and thus mean the preservation of a secret. So owning a key always has something to do with trust.

A key can do two things. He can lock something up and keep it or lock it away. Or open something and allow entry or leave it free. The key is not interested in whether it keeps something good or dangerous locked. He bears no responsibility, but that lies with whoever uses it. Take, for example, Pandora's box. Whoever uses this key will bring great misfortune to the world. The key is only interested in its lock, its matching counterpart. But fate is in the hands of the key-bearer.

Today we also like to speak of a “key to happiness” (lucky key). Sometimes we may wish we could find one. But that's not necessary, because in moments like this we've just forgotten that we always carry it with us anyway - we just have to use it. “Your happiness is in your hands”, as well as the responsibility for it.

Keys are often worn as silver jewelry pendants on necklaces or as charms on bracelets. A love key is a wonderful gift for an anniversary or, of course, for Valentine's Day. 💕

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