Glossary: ​​Infinity

The symbol of infinity in its meaning

A lying eight, also known as a lemniscate, is the symbol for infinity. It was introduced in 1655 by John Wallis as a mathematical symbol - but in esotericism it has played a major role for much longer. The universe is considered to be as infinite as the idea of ​​a creator god.

If you follow the line, there is neither a beginning nor an end, but an eternal, evenly rhythmic oscillation from one pole to the other. The sign also embodies the cosmic order in harmonious wholeness because it encompasses everything.

If you will, this is the smallest possible (Celtic) knotsthat you can draw. It stands for the duality that forms the basis of our experienced world. No black, no white. Without the night, there is no day. No fear, no love. Without war, no peace. And without a “you” – no “I”.
The apparent opposites are mutually dependent. If we could erase one side of it, we would lose the other as well. That is why there is nothing bad per se in this world, nothing absolutely bad and also nothing absolutely good - because everything that is already carries the spark of its counterpart within itself. When we understand this, we find peace within ourselves.

Of course, the symbol also stands for the bond between man and woman and so it is not surprising that the infinity symbol (perhaps in connection with a heart) is particularly popular as a gift and worn as jewelry for eternal love or friendship. 💞

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