Glossary: ​​horseshoe

The horseshoehorseshoe Like the ladybug or the shamrock, the horseshoe is a classic lucky charm. Read more ... in its meaning as a symbol

The horseshoe is similar to that cloverleafcloverleaf The four-leaf clover is one of the classic lucky symbols. Read more ...the ladybirdladybird The little red plane brings joy, luck and love. Read more ... or the lucky penny, a classic lucky charm symbol. Presumably this is due to the outstanding importance that the HorsesHorse The horse is a symbol of freedom and strong partnership. Read more ... in earlier times in many areas of life for people, from the essential means of transport to the "plow horse" to the war horse, horses played an important role - and a HorseHorse The horse is a symbol of freedom and strong partnership. Read more ... without his irons was unprotected and quickly unusable. 

In addition, iron used to be very valuable and expensive, so that special magic powers were attributed to the material itself. The special position of the horseshoe can also be seen from the fact that the "horseshoe" is sometimes addressed simply as "the iron", almost as if they were synonyms.

The dormer windows all over the world promise magical powers to the bent iron. It is supposed to protect against any misfortune, be it natural disasters, witches, evil spirits, bad illnesses or personal misfortune. Tales of devils and horseshoes are also known.

There is disagreement about the right suspension. Some think it has to hang with the opening facing upwards so that it can catch luck - others believe it is exactly the opposite, because luck should flow to you and not remain trapped in the iron.

As a piece of silver jewelry, it is always a nice birthday gift as a small lucky charm for your loved one or for children.

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