Glossary: ​​horse

Horse and unicorn as symbol and power animal

The horse has played an essential role in human history since early times. It is a symbol of freedom and strong partnership. Mythologically, the horse is often associated with a closeness to the gods. From time to time, dark horses are also said to have demonic powers. 

Very special horses are the winged mythical horse Pegasus and of course the unicorns. Both are always shown in white as an expression of their purity, as is the case with the dragon slayer's horse. While Pegasus, which combines strength and lightness in its shape, comes from Greek mythology - became the Unicorns long thought to be rare but real creatures in distant parts of the world. Even Marco Polo (1254-1324) reported seeing a unicorn on Sumatra (Indonesia). Numerous magical and healing abilities were attributed to the horn.

Today the unicorn is above all a lovable figure for children. Girls love horses, and of course they love their magical cousins, the unicorns, too! There are the mythical creatures as stuffed animals and toys and they are also wonderful as a piece of jewelry.

Horses are also an integral part of the fantasy world, which likes to be set in the Middle Ages or takes up knighthood. What would a knight be without his horse?

Today's equestrian sport developed from military cavalry. The "dressage" originally served to train the mount in such a way that it could carry the rider for a long time without being damaged. the Lord's service regulation 12 is a very fair riding lesson that is still valid today.

Today, horses are mainly companions in your free time, be it when you devote yourself to sporting activities or when you “let your soul dangle” on horseback. Interestingly, horses also seem to be able to train the soul. They can mirror us so well that they are used both in psychological therapy and in leadership training for managers.

Because indeed: In order to ride or lead a horse, you need a good balance of clear leadership (head) and trust (heart). If we want to be safe with a horse, we must first make it safe. And that is only possible if we already carry them within us. 

Girls in particular are often attracted to ponies and horses, certainly also because they are cleaned and brushed regularly - and if you like, you can braid the mane of the patient four-legged friend like a doll and dress him in colorful blankets.

As a power animal, the horse stands above all for the longing for freedom, for passion, strength and the liberation from fears. 

Jewelry with horses is suitable for anyone who feels attracted to these fascinating four-legged friends. There are cute motifs for children, loving motifs for women and strong motifs for men. – Or of course the classic lucky charm: the Horseshoe.

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