Glossary: ​​heart

The heart in its symbolism and meaning

The heart is perhaps the most popular symbol in jewelry. Of course, it primarily stands for affection and love. We therefore like to give it away to children or loved ones. It means that you give your heart to the other - the most precious thing we have.

Our heart says who we are. As early as ancient Egypt, the god of the dead decided whether the deceased was allowed to enter the afterlife by weighing the heart against a feather. And in Christianity, too, the heart is considered the seat of good and evil and the place where one can communicate with Jesus. 

To have a "good heart" means to be kind - a "pure heart" represents innocence such as we can only give to children. People with an "open heart" are radiant, approachable and very free from judgments and fears. When our heart has been "hurt," we shut it up and tragically capture ourselves as well. Whoever cuts himself off from his heart has a “cold heart”, a person without kind emotions. And what is valuable to us, we carry in our hearts.

Interestingly, since the last century, science has been increasingly realizing that many of the symbolic meanings we ascribe to the heart are actually measurable (pioneer is this Heart Math Institute, see also The heart – our second brain).

Opening our hearts and living from the heart is actually the most wonderful thing we can do for ourselves and the world! When we learn to listen to our heart, it can really bring us into balance with life and make us happy. 

Because not only love has its origin in the heart, but also all other feelings that we can address with “higher emotions”. For example, gratitude, compassion, joy, freedom, passion, patience, strength, joie de vivre and trust are very typical heart feelings. It is the emotions that give us the feeling of a fulfilled life.

But especially in the western or modern world, we are most likely to locate our “I” in the brain and thus cut ourselves off from what we really are. Only when we unite our spirit with the heart and also live from the heart can we be fully ourselves. This measurable condition is called cardiac coherence. Because the heart actually has its own intelligence, it has its own neurons, perception and memories (heart-brain) and is the only organ that sends more information to the brain than it receives from it (sic!).

Likewise, of all the organs, our heart sends the strongest energy field into space. It can still be detected several meters away. – That may sound unbelievable, but our heart connects us not only symbolically, but actually very real with others.

❤ A powerful, universal symbol of love! ❤

"Don't judge whether something is good or bad without consulting your heart." (Indian wisdom)

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