Glossary: ​​Pisces

The fish as a symbol

Fish are little lucky charms! You can move freely and weightlessly in the endless underwater world - "like a fish in water" - and sometimes shimmer in the most colorful colors like rainbows. 

There is something fascinating about them, because fish live in a world that is completely alien to us and that we can only enter with the appropriate equipment, almost as if we were visiting an alien planet. Nonetheless, they have been on Earth so much longer than we have. There is something mysterious about the stillness of the sea and the scales of the fish gleam like unearthed treasures of gold and silver coins.

In dreams, fish can appear as messengers from the depths of our subconscious, with which water is often associated. Sometimes, of course, they can also bring dark sides to light. But a good catch can make a poor fisherman a rich man, so in China the same character is used for fish and abundance.

The fish has a special meaning in Christianity. The persecuted original Christians used the fish symbol to recognize one another unnoticed. Even today you can still find the fish drawn in a line - often as a car sticker - as a Christian identification symbol.

As jewelry, fish are mostly cheerful little lucky charms, similar to birds, which call the air their own instead of the water. 🐟🐟🐟

Further information on the symbolic meaning of the fish can be found on the Ammersee story caravan page.

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