Glossary: ​​eyes

The eyes in their meaning as a symbol

eye catcher! eye catcher! – No question, eyes are considered “the window to the soul”.

Our eyes are our most important sensory organ. They connect us to the world and everything we experience. Through the eyes one can see the true self of the other, and at the same time the eyes are the sense organ with which we ourselves can look outwards.

The eye has always been a powerful symbol. The ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, for example, has magical significance and is often used as a protective amulet or in connection with healing. It is the left eye of the falcon, the god of light Horus, which was healed and magically restored by Thoth. The symbol, which appears only on the surface as an image, is based on a sacred geometry. So it is not surprising that the Horus eye is also considered a powerful symbol against the "evil eye". Today it is often worn as a universal – in the truest sense of the word – eye-catching lucky charm.

It's the same with the blue ones Nazar amulets of the Orient, which are addressed in the Turkish translation as “Blick Perle”. They are also supposed to protect against all evil. They are not only worn as jewelry or amulets, but the Nazar-Eyes, like our horseshoe, are hung wherever a protector might be useful. In the car, at the house, at the stable. They are usually made of colored glass, but the Nazar eyes are also available as very beautiful silver or gold jewelry.

Also known is the so-called “all-seeing eye”, not least because of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. In this esoteric-occult symbol we find the eye in a triangle, which symbolically stands above the material and represents the divine. It stands for the "third eye" in the brow chakra, which is connected to our pineal gland. We can therefore experience real enlightenment through the invisible third eye. It also plays a major role in Hinduism (Tilaka) and Buddhism.

In its pure form, the statement “Love is blind” actually means that we close our eyes to this imperfect world and thus only recognize the true and the beautiful. "This kind of blindness is the pinnacle of seeing." (Mihail Naimy)

Eyes are always a very eye-catching, attention-grabbing decorative motif that the other person finds difficult to resist.

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