Glossary: ​​elephant

The elephant as a symbol and power animal

The elephant is a popular symbol of wisdom, strength and prudence. Within the heaviest land mammal resides an ancient power and a sublime being that combines strength with gentleness.

Especially in Thailand, these animals enjoy a high reputation; sometimes elephants are even mentioned in the same breath as Buddha. In the Hindu world of gods, Ganesha, god of wisdom and science, is represented with an elephant's head. The long-lived animals in Africa are revered as a symbol of happiness and longevity.

The sight of an elephant often inspires awe in us. The majestic animals radiate something that touches us. Due to their size, they appear powerful and yet radiate so much calm. Elephants live to a similar age as humans, but their stillness and wrinkled skin make them seem old and wise much earlier than we do.

Elephants maintain a fascinating social structure in their herd. The little ones are brought up together and consideration is given to sick or weaker members of the herd. Physical contact with the trunk is important to them. And when an elephant dies, those left behind can be seen mourning.

The friendly elephants symbolize wisdom, serenity, a sense of family and empathy. And of course they are good luck charms! 🐘

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