Glossary: ​​Dream Catcher

The meaning of the dream catcher

The dream catchers with their bird-feather-hung circle originally come from the American Indians and are enjoying growing popularity today, especially as wind chimes or as jewelry, and here especially earrings.

The name easily reveals its meaning, the structures are supposed to capture dreams, that's true Bird, whose feathers play in the wind, but also as a wanderer between the worlds.

Be it bad dreams that are caught in the circle, which is partly designed like a cobweb, and later released - be it good dreams that you want to experience. There are dream catchers with an artistically woven inner circle into which other objects such as small bones have been spun, or made up of several circles of different sizes. The bird feathers are said to have the ability to communicate with the dream world.

One must not forget that the Indians certainly understood the dream world as a real world, much more than we do today. And a part of us lives in this dream world and is really influenced by it. That is why loving communication and harmony with this world is of great importance.

In the western world, we tend to see the dream catcher as a pretty, playful accessory with a spiritual aura.
If you wear it as jewelry, you dream less of a good night's sleep than of the fulfillment of all our dreams and longings: love, happiness, friendship, freedom or peace in the infinity of being.

A dream catcher is always a nice gift! Be it for yourself, be it for the woman of the heart. 🤍

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