Glossary: ​​dragon

The meaning and symbolism of DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ...

The symbol of the dragon can be found almost anywhere in the world. In China it is considered a good luck charm, while the dragons of the West and in America symbolize something dangerous.

In any case, magic and strength reside in the mighty being. Often it is said to be longevity and the associated wisdom, other dragons symbolize the evil that can be overcome (dragon fight).

Dragons also play a central role in today's very widespread fantasy culture, where they can also take on a wide variety of characters. Often they are at the same time “terrible and beautiful, noble and terrifying” (Wikipedia).

The depiction of dragons has evolved over the centuries from snakes that have been given wings. So you can always find motifs that cannot be clearly assigned, as they bear clear elements of both beings. Think, for example, of the Ouroboros or the gigantic world serpent. Also the SnakeSnake Snakes represent femininity. They are fascinating and not harmless. Read more ... has a very complex symbolism, it can be very dangerous and yet the KeyKey The key is considered a custodian, token of love and lucky charm. Read more ... hold to knowledge.

The DragonDragon A dragon carries strong magic and wisdom itself. Read more ... always symbolizes something that we carry within us. Just like the snake, a powerful power animal that we do not associate with femininity - but is rather suitable as strong men's jewelry.

And of course there are also cute children and baby dragons. 🐲

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