Glossary: ​​Shamrock

The shamrock as a symbol

The four leaf clover is similar to that horseshoe or the ladybird one of the classic lucky symbols. 

Children in particular like to look for one in the otherwise three-leaf clover. Such a lucky clover leaf is then gladly either kept and pressed in a book or passed on to a loved one, whom one wishes good luck and would like to give as a gift. It shows the other how much he means to you. 

The three-leaf clover, which unofficial Irish national symbol applies, already acts as a lucky charm and protective symbol. The Celts believed that nothing bad could happen to them if they carried one with them. 

The individual leaves are also given a meaning: 1. Fame, 2. Wealth, 3. Love, and whoever has the luck of the 4th leaf, has eternal health in the house. 

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