Glossary: ​​cat

The CatCat There is something seductive and very feminine about cats, but they can also be very cheeky. Read more ... in its symbolic meaning

The cat with your big ones EyesEye Eyes are considered the "window to the soul" and are always an eye-catcher as jewelry! Read more ... and the free being already fascinated the ancient Egyptians. Her cat goddess "Bastet" represented love and fertility, and she was ascribed both gentle and wrathful qualities.

We still speak today catsCat There is something seductive and very feminine about cats, but they can also be very cheeky. Read more ... likes to have a “will of its own”, in contrast to the dog, which is just as popular as a pet and always wants to please. However, the saying “like cats and dogs” does not always apply.

The stillness of the cat and its silent creeping up give the house cat something uncanny. In superstition they are often associated with witches and magic. Their nocturnal activity connects them with the MoonMoon The moon stands for the feminine, the night and for rhythmic change. Read more .... Since cats' eye color can change depending on the light, it also has a connection to SunshineSunshine The sun symbol is of great importance throughout the world, Continue reading... and thus combines the male and female aspects. Although we tend to associate the house cat with femininity, it is also related to the lion, which we associate much more with masculinity and the strength of the sun.

We find black cats to be particularly special and somewhat threatening, which unfortunately even goes so far that they are harder to adopt in animal welfare. But other coat colors also have interesting ones Meanings in mythology and fairy tales.

The cat as a power animal symbolizes above all individuality and self-confidence, femininity, temperament and gentleness. Your inner freedom is reflected in a certain unpredictability that can be seductive.

Jewelry with cats is therefore wonderful for strong women who are not without a sense of humor. Of course also for cat lovers. And as with all pets - there are of course also cute motifs for children. 🐾

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