Glossary: ​​bird

The bird in its symbolic meaning

The winged birds that have conquered the skies are generally regarded as a symbol of freedom and happiness and are often associated with our thoughts or the soul. They connect the earth with the sky. Their feathers convey lightness, their chirping cheerfulness. 

Birds like to wake us up from sleep, they are the animals we hear most often and often without seeing them.

Depending on the bird species, there are of course very specific symbols. 

That's how it is Eagle as the "king of the birds" often for strength and rule, which is why it is also a very popular motif in heraldry and is preferably worn as men's jewelry.

Also the blue peacock stands for royalty, but less for his power than for the fine crown and the truly magnificent royal robe - plumage - which he wears. The peacock also symbolizes love and immortality. There is wonderful women's jewelry with peacock motifs and sparkling stones.

The demonstrably most intelligent among the birds are the ravens. Interestingly, that seems to scare us. Because the black raven is often understood in superstition as a bringer of death and bad luck. In pre-Christian times things looked a little different, the two ravens of Odin are well known.

Another special bird is the Owl, which was already considered a classic symbol of wisdom by the Greeks and Romans. For a long time it was assumed that the bird can actually generate light with its shining eyes and only those who see can be wise. On the other hand, the owl was understood in ancient Egypt, or also in Christian superstition, as a bird of darkness and death due to its nocturnal activity and the sometimes eerie calls - this association can be found today in some horror films or as a funny Halloween owl.
There are always funny and cute owl motifs, especially for children, because these birds have such a distinctive “face”.

He will be very happy too Kolibri worn as jewelry. The colorfully dazzling flight artists are often referred to as "flying diamonds" and anyone who has ever seen a hummingbird live will immediately understand why this is so. His plumage is second to none, as are his flying skills. The hummingbird is the only bird that can even fly backwards - but the images of a tirelessly fluttering and at the same time standing still hummingbird in front of a flower are better known. These animals seem to have mastered the art of finding stillness in the greatest movement. For us humans the highest art of meditation.

You often come across that too Schwan, of which nature has created a white and a black variant. The white swan is a symbol of purity, perfection, grace, royalty, light and grace - and at the same time also of transformation or the way there - because it is not born pure white. That is why the swan is often depicted with a crown. Similar to the supreme Sephira in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life”Kether”= Crown symbolizes the goal of spiritual development.
The black swan, on the other hand, is a loner and symbolizes grief or events that bring violent changes. You can use him as mourning jewelry wear or as a companion in difficult times.

The myth is very close Pink Flamingo. We know these birds well today as imposing and amusing zoo animals with oddly shaped beaks, but in fact they used to be associated with the phoenix. The flamingos family bears the Latin name "Phoenicopteridae", German about "phoenix wings". The legendary Phoenix is a fantasy bird that burns itself in the sun after each cycle - to be reborn. A symbol of renewal. The German or English word “Flamingo” also refers to fire (Latin flamma = flame) with its root “Flam”. The myth probably stems from the fact that the animals like to breed on islands in shallow lakes that regularly dry up. When people get to the hatcheries, all they find are dried-up eggs and decomposed animals that didn't make it. "In addition, the cone-shaped mud nests are quite similar to piles of ash." (Quote) However, the fiery red feathers lose their color when taken from the bird. This, too, may have seemed like magic to the ancients.

From time to time, of course, we also encounter “unlucky people” or “jokers”. The latter like to assume the shape of penguins, parrots, pelican or toucan, for example. They are often colorful and happy.

The birds all have one thing in common: they easily touch something deep in our mind. birds are”power animals“. A versatile and often used jewelry symbol! 

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