Glossary: ​​bee

The symbolic meaning of the bees

Bees have always had a very comprehensive meaning for humans. They are beneficial insects in horticulture, but there is also something very mysterious about them and it is obvious that bees also represent exemplary community and “hard work”. In addition to being eaten with pleasure, honey has various health effects. Today we have to make sure that the little fliers don't fall victim to the death of bees.

There are strange parallels between bees and humans, so we speak of bee colonies and the bee colony. There is a queen bee, nurses and workers. Obviously, the whole thing “just works” while human races always have difficulties and people either disagree with their place in the big picture or with the behavior of others. Of course, that fascinates us and the bee was already a symbol of power in ancient Egypt, which also stood for devoted loyalty. Napoleon also chose the bee as a symbol.

No less fascinating is the sense of direction and the way honey bees communicate with each other. They perform a complex dance to guide their peers to good food sources.

Last but not least, the bees are so very useful. When they gather their food, they not only take something - they enable the flowers and trees to survive in the first place. An enviable ability.

Like so many animals, bees are ambivalent when it comes to direct contact. They are among the defensive insects and are known to sting. There is something tragic about this ability, because a bee that stings - also dies. She can only defend herself, her people, or her world with her life, and that only once. – But just as the individual bee is mortal, so is the swarm as a whole: immortal. Bees were considered sacred insects thousands of years ago. It was said that the tears of the Egyptian sun god RE would become bees on earth. 

Bee stings are uncomfortable for most people, but can even be deadly for allergy sufferers. It is not surprising that bee venom naturally also has its healing effects and is mainly used in traditional or naturopathic medicine (keyword Apitherapy). Somewhat newer is the realization that it could be an “alternative to Botox” and should be able to counteract wrinkles and visible age.

So that everyone knows that the little planes are dangerous, they wear their black and yellow striped pattern. The warning color deters other animals from threatening them and putting themselves in danger - and thus protects the bee from situations in which it has to risk its life.

For us, the yellow is of course simply beautiful to look at and is reminiscent of the yellowish bee honey - and of course we also think of the "Bee Maja“, who much prefers to live on the poppy meadow than in the beehive and experiences numerous adventures with her friend “Willi”. In the end, however, she finds her way back to her place and, thanks to her heroic deeds, becomes the queen's advisor.

Bees are not necessarily a typical jewelry motif, but an obvious one and certainly not only suitable for honey lovers. 

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