Glossary: ​​Celtic Symbolism

Celtic knots, braids and symbols

The Celtic patterns are particularly typical of the Middle Ages of the British Isles, when braided patterns were often used for the design of textiles and architecture. But their origins go back much further.

As jewelry are always coming back celtic knots very popular, in which an endless band is intertwined and whose meaning is therefore often associated with the "eternal". Similar patterns can also be found in Islam, and here, too, the aim is to express the imperishable or the divine without making an - ephemeral - image of it. As a symbolic band, Celtic knots are a beautiful gift for solidarity and everlasting love.

One of the most famous Celtic symbol is the triskele, a symbol of the Trinity. It is usually depicted in the form of a triple spiral. The symbol can already be found in the Neolithic Age. The meaning of the triskele lies in the number three, which - in contrast to four - stands for the divine, and it loses itself with its spirals in infinity. Just like everything divine and also life are infinite.
For example, the three can be associated with the cycle of birth, life and death or past, present and future. She overcomes the rigid duality and brings the time with her. The triskele is therefore also a symbol of eternal love, which encompasses everything.

The classic triple knot of 3 circular arcs is used Triplet called. This symbol can also be found in Indian art that is thousands of years old. The clear shape is reminiscent of a shamrock. Very similar to the triskele we also find in the triqueta a classic symbol of the trinity or trinity. While the triskele with its spirals loses itself in eternity, the triqueta always returns to itself. You can trace them indefinitely and will never come to an end. The triqueta also stands for eternity. In Wicca she symbolizes the Trinity Goddess (Virgin, Mother, Old Lady). A popular jewelery symbol, among other things a nice gift idea for Valentine's Day.

The material world emerges from the divine trinity, symbolized by the number four, which is depicted as a cross. As Celtic cross, High Cross or Irish Cross is a Latin cross with a ring around the point of intersection. It is therefore also known as a ring cross or wheel cross. Originally, these Irish high crosses marked a special country or a meeting place, later they found their way into the sacred art of the Celtic Middle Ages, also as tombs.
The design can be very simple or decorated with Celtic and Christian patterns, sometimes with animals. Symbolically, the ring can in particular with the Sun and thus related to the Creator (God), while the worldly cross shape is, for example, an expression of the four cardinal points or elements. So one can understand the first high crosses as altars or signs of blessing in the great outdoors. The symbol is also often worn as jewelry to express a connection to Norse culture and something higher.

Today, creative jewelery designers also like to weave the Celtic knot patterns with hearts, the tree of life or other symbols, creating very beautiful, individual pieces of jewelery that you can literally lose yourself in.

The clear, classic Celtic patterns are also very popular as mens jewellery carried. The Celtic motifs are particularly popular as silver jewelry, while gold jewelry is less common.

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