Affiliate Guide

Our Silver jewelry affiliate program is processed via the service of GoAffPro. Therefore, to become a โ€œMarketing Affiliateโ€ and receive the 10% sales commission for referral of our items, please register with GoAffPro. Registration is of course free of charge and very uncomplicated. After that you can generate paid product links from web browser or GoAffPro app for Google and iOS use.

The user account of GoAffPro is pleasantly clear. On the Home you will find your general referral link to our shop and the option to share it on Facebook & Co. As a rule, however, it will make more sense to advertise individual products - see the next picture for more information.

???? Note: The following pictures show the German version. Of course, the GoAffPro user account is available in many languages.

Spoo-Design Affiliate Guide

On the next page of marketing tools you have the option of creating referral links for individual products. To do this, you just have to click any link from Spoo-Design Paste it into the left field โ€“ and the Ref link with the partner code will automatically appear in the right field. This works with any language.

If you share these referral links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, the product and its image will appear as usual. Under the link you will already find direct links to the most important social platforms.

Under the product links you will find a few as โ€œmedia assetsโ€. Pictures, which you can download and link to the created links. Of course, you may also use any other image or screenshot from the website. If you need something specific, feel free to contact us.

Spoo-Design Affiliate Guide

The next point Transactions lists the commissions already earned, like a bank statement. Canceled orders are also listed here. โ€“ The credit earned is paid out via PayPal. In the menu item Payments you can store your PayPal address under โ€œConfigurationโ€. The payments already made are also listed here.

The last menu item offers the possibility for some Settings. Here you can optionally add your data or change the reference code of the referral link. By default, the link looks something like this: You can change the number to any combination or word using the โ€œReference Codeโ€ field. Here you will also find the option to store the PayPal address (configuration) and the notification settings.

And that's it! ๐Ÿ™‚

The GoAffPro App for Marketing Affiliates:

The app provided free of charge by GoAffPro is particularly suitable for sharing affiliate links on social sites. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. After downloading the app, you can log into your existing account or register for a new one.

After that, the program asks for the Store ID so that it can connect to Spoo-Design can link. Once done, you can easily browse our products and share product links on social media for the 10% commission with one click.

The STORE ID for Spoo-Design is: