Jewelry philosophy

Why do people love jewelry?

Small jewelry philosophy. 💞

People have loved jewelry since they walked this planet. The earliest jewelry finds date back to the Stone Age. As soon as people learned to work with metals, they began to produce complex chains and rings and sometimes to decorate them with beautiful stones.

The fascination for jewelry seems to be a part of our being that awakened together with our consciousness. Jewelry can touch something in us.

Because jewelry is emotional. Jewelry is able to express beauty. And it has a very spiritual component.

By giving jewelry as gifts, we can symbolically pass on our loving emotions to another. Be it that the man gives a woman a heart. Be it a friendship gift or an expression of motherly love.

When the recipient wears the piece of jewelry, they confirm their affection for the other and at the same time carry it out into the world.

With jewelry, we can also convey emotions outwards in a very subtle way, in that the piece of jewelry that we put on shows what is important to us or who we are.

The piece of jewelry that we wear can also have a very special meaning for ourselves and remind us of something beautiful every time we feel or look at it.

Today we may have lost a bit of awareness of how essential beauty is in life for our wellbeing.

“Life without love is like a tree without flowers and fruits.
Love without beauty is like flowers without fragrance. ”
(Khalil Gibran, 1883-1931)

A world without something beautiful would be completely unlivable and it is actually an ability of special people to find something beautiful even in the most difficult situations. Because it is there. All over. You will also find a flower in the garbage dump and every great misfortune already carries the spark for a wonderful new beginning.

Recognizing this beauty inherent in being is an expression of love and wisdom - which we all carry deep within us. That is why we like to create beautiful things, that is why we like to beautify the world and that is why, even in the greatest sadness, we immediately feel better when we see something beautiful that touches our heart.

Jewelry is something that we consider rationally - not “need”. It does not ensure our survival. And yet in their earliest times people began to make jewelry from the same materials that they needed for hunting, eating or waging war.

Because we don't just have one body with its needs. But we also have a soul that is in no way inferior to it.
A head cannot exist – without its heart.

Jewelry brings with it the ability to connect these two parts of ours a little. And that regardless of whether you are the one who creates it, who gives it away - or who wears it.

One could not exist without the other. ????